Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Music of my life

1. A little party never killed nobody ( Fergie )
This song reminds me a last party in my school and my crazy friends. I don't know why, but when I hear this song I always remember my friends. However, I forgot the place where I heard this song. It's kind of crazy and silly song in my playlist. That is why I remember this song when I hear that cause my friends are so funny , so I compare them with this song.

2. Awake and Alive ( Skillet )
I chose this song because I like that song and the memories it reminds me. Every time when I hear it I recollect one time when I was in 8th grade. I remember the time when I was studying in my birthplace, so I had  other friends and had a great time with them. That music reminds me about my relationship with my classmates, what we did together during the brake. Actually we downloaded songs using bluetooth and this song was one of those songs in my playlist.

3. Bang Bang ( )
Actually, it's my new favorite song which I heard from the popular film "Gatsby ". "Gatsby" has a lot
of incredible songs and I like all of them. But I chose this song because it has really unusual voice and I like how it sounds. When this song was playing there was a big party in that film and I felt like i'm a part of that party and I felt myself so happy and carefree. I felt like I'm dancing and nothing can interrupt me. I felt adrenaline and like I tried everything in that life. And now every time when I hear this song I'm feeling that previous feelings again and literally starting dancing..

4. I love You ( Nickelback )
This song reminds me time when I was with my parents. It was raining all the day and my parents and I  were driving to my grandparents .I heard this song three times during our 10 hours trip. One time, when it was playing in my player , my friend told me that he was in love with me when he had seen me in first time. I was so happy but decided not to tell him about my feelings because I thought I would leave in 4 weeks in America and we could almost never see each other. We just knew each other for  4 days, and we almost understood what every of us means for another. However, when I came back home in three weeks, he wrote me that he had invited me to go for a walk with him but I hadn't answer him, so he thought that I forgot about him and since then he almost never wrote me again. So, now every time when I hear this song that  was playing in the car I remember him and how i felt in love.

5. Why I love you so ( Jay-Z & Kanye West )
This song reminds me about one of my friends who sent me this music. I liked this song so much what I still remember my friend and his funny jokes. It was such a great time when we were god friends and always went for a walk, in cafes , cinemas and everywhere else together. This song I associate with him , for I love him so much and I think nobody excepts him knew me better. So, this song express my love , trust and faith to him.

6. La La La ( Naughty Boy, Sam Smith )
It's a new song which was popular this summer. This song makes me think about this bright amazing summer, that i will never forget. Especially it reminds me about Italy and its beautiful sights I have nowhere seen.

7. Marabou ( Antonia )
This song reminds me one special for me time with my mom. We stayed together when our father went to Moskow for some days. We went for a walk together, communicated a lot, we cooked together and made a lot of different such things. I started singing that song when we were cooking something and she said that she heard it on radio today,so we started singing together and we had a lot of fun. I think that song is really funny and sounds cute.

8. I'm Not Afraid ( Eminem )
This song is really close to me because it's my best friend's favorite actor. He always listened him and I started liking that song too. And thanks to this guy I liked american rap. I like Eminem and some of his songs. I liked previous Eminem more because he had more beautifully sounding songs than now.

9. Hall of Fame ( The Script feat. )
This is kind of motivation song, which I heard first time when I was in Alps with my parents and their's friends. We were skiing. It's my favorite sport. I would ski every day, If I can. So, this song make me think about that extreme I felt when I was skiing.

10. I Follow Rivers ( Lykke Li )
When I hear that song I remember the time when we were with my friends in Prague during the spring brake with the school, especially with sophomores. We always listened this song there and I remembered that great time in Czech Republic. We sew there a lot of sights and walked different ways around the city. However the weather wasn't good and we got cold there. So this time I associate with that song. It's so melodious and beautiful.. the same as a Prague is.

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